Various artificial foodstuffs being used today for their delicious taste, WHITE FLOUR, SUGAR, SALT (the three white products) have been found especially harmful. Foods such as white bread & sugar are very acid-forming if eaten in the refined state as white bread, white sugar, and polished rice.

WHITE FLOUR In the refining process of whole wheat, precious wheat germ which is relatively rich in protein, fat & vitamin B is destroyed; also the anti- sterility factor of sex- vitamin is also lost leading to heart diseases. The colossal loss of vitamins & minerals in refined wheat flour has led to the widespread prevalence of constipation & nutritional disorders.

WHITE SUGAR is the most common concentrated sweet carbohydrate used all over the world. Commensurate with the sharp rise of sugar consumption, there has been an alarming increase in the incidence of several diseases. The heat and chemical process employed in the sugar refinery kills the vitamins, proteins and it is called the vitamin thief; its high consumption can rob the body of its vitamins made available to it by other foods, excessive use can cause gastric catarrh and hyper-acidity, obesity, diabetes, coronary heart diseases, dental carries, etc. It only provides calories without any nutritive value. Natural sugars such as brown sugar, jaggery, honey are preferred to refined white sugar.

WHITE SALT sodium chloride is essential for acid-base equilibrium of the body but it is required in very small amounts, ranging from 10-15 gm daily depending upon climate and occupation of the person. Too much salt in the body can result in oedema or swelling of the legs and ankles, stomach ulcer, stomach cancer, hardening of arteries and heart diseases. It will also be advisable to omit excess salt altogether in case of all chronic diseases like high b.p. arthritis and allergies.