Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a complex endocrine disorder. In such a condition hormonal imbalance, menstrual irregularities accompanied by small cyst formation. Usually, it occurs in women aged between 18 to 30.
Symptoms include irregular menses, abnormal hair growth, acne, over bleeding, Dysmenorrhea, Anxiety, Depression and Mood Swings etc. If not treated it leads to diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep Apnea, cancer, heart disease.

Prevent through Naturopathy and yoga
Change the Lifestyle and return to nature. Naturopathy and yoga are constructive and holistic methods of treatment which aim at treating the basic cause of disease through the rational use of elements available in nature.
Lifestyle Modifications
Diet therapy
Yoga therapy
Naturopathy treatments like Hydrotherapy and Mud Therapy etc.
One can heals PCOS with the healthy living close to nature.