1. Admission timings are from 9am to 5pm IST on working days.
  2. Check-in Time is 10 am and Check-out Time is 9 am.
  3. Payment of tips or gifts are strictly prohibited in the Centre.
  4. All patients are required to provide accurate, correct and complete details of any previous or present medications and of allergic reaction of any sort and cause especially sensitivity to any herbal, oil, drug and eatables to our doctors at time of admission.
  5. All patients are expected to maintain discipline, and obey all rules of the Centre. Failure to comply with these rules is viewed as a serious breach of the Centre disciplinary Rules and in such cases, the patient is liable to be summarily discharged from the Centre and the entire amount paid by him/her will stand forfeited.
  6. Use of Mobile Phones/Laptops/Cameras are permitted only inside the allocated Rooms. Patients are advised not to use the same anywhere else in the Centre premises. Mobile Phones/Laptops/Cameras are strictly prohibited in treatment areas.
  7. Bringing jewellery and valuables can be brought at patients’ own risk. During their stay at the Centre, patients must look after their belongings themselves. Centre does not take any responsibility for any loss of property or valuables.
  8. Patients are advised to bring-
    • Loose garments (Pyjama Kurta, Salwar Kameez), Undergarments & Towels
    • Track suits for Yoga and Physiotherapy
    • Shorts/Track suits and walking shoes
    • Woollen garments in winter
    • Bathroom Toiletries (not applicable for Yogananda & Paramananda)
  9. Consumption and / or possession of alcohol, drugs, smoking material, pan masala, tobacco eatables and any other such substance inside the Centre is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the same is viewed as serious breach of the Centre discipline and will lead to compulsory discharge of the patient on disciplinary grounds on the day of such disciplinary breach from the Centre and any amount/charges already paid will stand forfeited.
  10. Treatment Plans, Treatment Charges and terms & conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
  11. The Courts and/or Forums located at Jaipur Rajasthan will have the exclusive jurisdiction only to adjudicate, mediate and/or arbitrate any dispute arising under or in connection with any services, or products or any combination thereof by whatever name referred to, being offered by Yogashray Sewayatan
  12. For further information please visit our website www.yogashraysewayatan.com