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Naturo-Homa Therapy

Naturo Homa Therapy Treatment Services in Jaipur

Panchmahabhutas, the five elements or pillars of nature water, air, earth, ether, and fire have certain qualities, attributes which impacts on the body and mind. When the elements are out of balance, health disorders can occur. We cannot live without fire which gives us heat energy.

Since fire destroys the impurities, it symbolizes purity. Performing Naturo Homa Therapy is based on the principle of bio energy. Nature’s bio-energy is facing depletion and exhaustion. Yogashray Sewayatan Naturopathy Center in India uses Naturo-Homa Therapy for equilibrium of nature & enhancement of human Life. Naturo-Homa Therapy is an age old method used in preventing disharmony, stress and health disorders. Purification of the atmosphere through Homa therapy purifies Prana, the life energy and thus purified Prana, purifies mind.

Naturo-Homa therapy is not only a savior but also a rejuvenator of life. Homa therapy fights psychological tensions and sets off atmospheric vibrations. ‘Homa Kunda’ with prescribed dimensions is used to give Homa therapy. Through Homa therapy waves of life energy i.e bio cosmic energy are generated which exert a life sustaining positive effect. Naturo-Homa Therapy is used to fight and prevent health disorders and keep healthy and pollution free atmosphere.

The fumigation, vaporization and subtlisation of specific substances like herbs while performing the Homa therapy are used. Fires constitute a sublimation of matter and generate ions and energy with positive effects in the surrounding atmosphere through the specific sonic waves of chanting. With substantial amplification these vibrations can penetrate the energy spheres at the subtle and cosmic levels.

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