Long duration Deep Meditation Treatment

Meditation Treatment

We bring you our skillfully developed LDM Technique (Longduration Deep Meditation) to control the chaotic energy of the mind and emotion through meditation to find inner peace.

Longduration Deep Meditation technique is an art of mastering the mind which leads to the ultimate pathway to reach to the highest healing state of mind. Yogashray Sewayatan has researched and developed LDM technique by designing a ‘Meditation Sthal’  meditation centre in India through the rarest stones from deep sea ocean with a vision that when you meditate, you are fully awake, exploring your inner dimensions, letting go of the stress from your body allowing yourself to experience your breathing in a peaceful place. When the mind is silent and no longer is distractions there, meditation deepens. Meditation therapy lowers cortisol & adrenaline levels in our body & normalizes blood pressure & heart rate. It’s antidote to the stresses of modern world.

In LDM technique sound and light effects are used which act as catalyst for healing the entire body-mind system.

During LDM, vibrations emanating from sounds uplifts one’s level of consciousness connecting mind & body so intimately that induces deep relaxation which foster a deep mental clarity, bestow physical and mental healing ultimately reaching a state of bliss!

LDM Meditation draws us closer to our higher resources of strength, understanding, and self-control. Connecting with these inner potentials increase our ability to cope with depression, insomnia, anxiety, OCD and the situations that discourage us.

LDM Meditation provides several meditation techniques that provide relief for people suffering from stress, insomnia, anxiety or depression.

LDM technique helps in alleviating hypotension and hypertension by allowing the blood vessels to relax and improve blood circulation. Meditation practices boost brainpower reaching deeper state of awareness; affect the action of hormones, neurotransmitters in the body. Meditation program reduce anxiety levels, depression by training mind to focus & redirect thoughts in a positive outlook.

The process of controlling mind through LDM Technique increases mental strength resilence, concentration, memory retention and recall. It aids in better information processing, better cognitive skills, creative thinking, better decision making and problem solving by alleviating deep seated stress, anxiety, depression, headaches.

The studies reveal that LDM Technique can turn back your biological clock. It decreases the body’s production of stress hormones. Regular practice of LDM technique also helps to boost the immune system. Deep state of rest repairs and improves health cells and tissues of the body by stimulating the body’s anabolic process of growth and repair, while at the same time body’s catabolic process of decaying is inhibited.

With all the stress gone from our body and our anabolic process of rejuvenation and renewal enhanced, the ageing process is naturally slowed down. Skin starts to glow; stress line from face disappears and feels more energized and youthful.

Learn the art of mastering mind at our meditation retreat to heal mind, body & soul.

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