Please read the contents mentioned below very carefully so that you are fully aware of these rules of the Centre.

  1. Admission of Patients to the Centre is granted only on the basis of eligibility criteria. Please apply for admission only if you fully meet the eligibility and availability criteria and are willing to abide by the rules & regulations of the Centre. Complete application forms duly signed along with all relevant medical records including the latest routine medical tests relating to patient health problems are to be sent through email: Reservation charges as per the package selected or equivalent thereof to three days of the treatment plan is payable in advance through DD/Credit Card/Debit Card. Demand Draft should be in favour of “Yogashray Sewayatan Trust” payable at JAIPUR. Personal cheques or any other form or mode of payment other than as mentioned above will not be accepted. The application form will not be processed until the reservation deposit is received. While submitting the application for admission it may be noted that the dates you suggest in your application form may not be available with the Centre then under the circumstances, suitable alternative dates for admission may be provided. A separate application should be submitted for each patient seeking treatment at the Centre. The incomplete application form will not be considered. Telephonic requests regarding reservations shall not be considered. Walk-in requests are strictly not allowed.
  2. Provisional Admission of a patient is subject to the consent of his/her case by our panel of doctors for admission. They will determine eligibility for admission to the centre for which a minimum of three days are required from the date of receipt of the duly completed application form. However, provisional confirmation will be intimated online on the email ID given on the application form and final admission will be subject to the applicant’s registration medical reports and physical examination conducted by our panel of doctors. If any information declared in the application form and/or registration form is found misleading the admission will be denied and reservation charges and advance deposit, if any already paid will be forfeited. Advance deposit directly into the centre will not grant you the right to admission and treatment at the Center.
  3. At the time of admission at the centre registration of patient is compulsory to consult the doctor for physical examination and diagnosis of patient ailment and same will be done by filling & signing the registration form & depositing prescribed registration & consultation fee of Rs200/- which is non-refundable.
  4. On the basis of medical diagnostic tests and the medical reports, if our panel of doctors decides not to admit and/or not to treat the patient in such a case patient shall be refunded the advance payment made by him/her after adjusting the charges for medical diagnostic tests and proportionate treatment plan chosen by him/her.
  5. Our panel of doctors will ascertain that the patient is eligible for admission at the time of arrival and if any medical diagnostic tests to be carry out from external sources then such medical diagnostic tests will be payable extra.
  6. Naturopathy is a slow process therefore it is advisable that patients must stay for minimum period of 7-10 days or as advised by our doctors to attain benefits from naturopathy, yoga, meditation treatments.
  7. Management reserves the right to admission in the premises of Center without giving any reason whatsoever.
  8. Free/Subsidized Treatment Rules: Free wards will be allotted to Indian Citizens only. For BPL/Economically weak patient with annual income of less than Rs. 1,20,000.00 p. a. facility of free ward shall be provided subject to eligibility after submission of valid income proof and availability of accommodation. In this regard decision of the committee/management will be final. In such cases In such cases only Sahajananda treatment plan will be provided free. On examination, if the income information found to be incorrect, then such patients will be charged equivalent to Sahajananda treatment plan rates per day besides taking appropriate action for giving incorrect information.
  9. Diet Therapy: Patient’s diet is an essential part of the treatment at the Centre. Patient’s diet is regarded as medicine in naturopathy treatment. After due consultation, our Doctors will suggest a healthy diet for the patient which will be free of cost. Patients should not bring any outside food items inside the Centre. Use of any kind of narcotic and psychotropic substances, including consumption of alcohol, tobacco, pan masala, and Non-vegetarian food items are strictly prohibited at the Centre. Failure to comply with these rules is viewed as a serious breach of the Centre disciplinary Rules and in such cases, the patient is liable to be summarily discharged from the Centre and the entire amount paid by him/her will stand forfeited.
  10. Outdoor Patients: Centre provides treatment to its resident patients only. Naturopathy treatment require strict discipline & routine and diet control hence it is necessary the patient must stay in the campus and follow the same. However, outpatients can also be provided consultation and treatment as advised by our doctors at the prescribed charges.
  11. Valid Identity Proof at the time of admission:
    1. It is mandatory that domestic patients are required to submit original valid ID proof i.e Aadhaar Card/Passport/Voters Id/Driving License at the time of admission without which admission may be denied.
    2. It is mandatory that patients under category Foreigners / NRI /OCI / PIOS are required to bring original passport, visa documents etc. for complying with rules and regulations of Government of India without which admission will be denied.
  12. During the on-going treatment process, the Centre will not permit patient to leave Centre’s premises, except in case of emergency and that too will only after obtaining prior approval of the management.
  13. Check-in Time is 10 am (IST) and Check-out Time is 9am (IST).