Yogashray Sewayatan Trust initiates CSR activities for the growth and development of the society. The sole aim is to create balance between mind, body and soul in its followers because a successful & peaceful life requires constant mental nourishment along with physical well-being.

Yogashray Sewayatan CSRA. Youth Yoga Programme
This programme aims to provide awareness to the students, teachers & parents about the Yoga health benefits. Yogashray Sewayatan Trust regularly organizes yoga and meditation retreat programmes for the Benefit of the youth of this country.
A powerful and strong country needs healthy and hearty youths for its growth and development. Practice of yoga and meditation clear mind and soothe cramped bodies jammed into desks & humped over computers. One of the primary benefits of Yoga and meditation is alleviation of social & academic stress, family pressure, financial fears, academic performance and peer pressure, which can take toll on students psyche and success in education.
For students, free yoga and meditation camps have been organized by YST in different educational institutions in which more than thousands students and teachers actively participated for Yoga and meditation practices. When we practice, we learn about the need to maintain balance in our lives, improve posture and alignment, relieves stress and tension. Build confidence and self- esteem, increase focus and attention span to concentrate better.

B. Health Care Programme
Yogashray Sewayatan Trust organized various free medical checkup & consultation camps time to time at different localities. The sole aim is to make patients aware about common ailments like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Heart ailments, Dental problems, vision problems, respiratory diseases, stomach disorders, neurological disorders like depression and Epilepsy. Patients who attended the camps underwent a number of Medical Tests like Blood Sugar, Blood Test, E.C.G., Blood Pressure, Vision screening test with the help of latest Medical Testing gadgets.

C. Medical Aid to BPL
Yogashray Sewayatan Trust organized free medical consultation camps with a team of doctors to people belonging to economically weaker section of the society at different places.
As weaker section of the society and uneducated people often neglects health issues persistently thus leading to development of chronic diseases. While doing vision screening test our doctors observe/detected/notice number of patients having an eye sight problem for which Yogashray Sewayatan Trust distributed free spectacles to the concerned patients.

D. Environmental Programme
Medicinal, Herbal & Fruit Tree Plantation and Environmental preservation are regularly organized by YST to promote ecological and nature conservation. Planting of trees provide an opportunity for a group involvement and empowerment that improves the quality of life.

E. Health Awareness Programme
Periodical Seminars and lectures on health &wellness, therapeutic effects of yoga, meditation for stress management, diet etc. are organized at YST to shares perspectives and issues related to the topic. It helps the participants in gaining expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence in self.