Amenities available at the Centre

Our Centre combines lifestyle assistance with expert advice on natural self-care, nutritional diet and physical wellbeing. Centre as an added attraction maintains a vast Herbal Garden with various species of rare medicinal & herbal plants. Entire living space for the in-patients is spread along the periphery of this garden. Centre provides for aesthetically designed walking track, exquisitely landscaped garden, Arches & Dome, Fountains, and heritage sculptures to soothe all senses.

Treatments at Yogashray Sewayatan are designed to help you achieve a better understanding of holistic living for body, mind & soul.

A complete nutritional diet-(Aahar) leads you on to the path of healthy lifestyle.

Yoga & Meditation sessions help you to attain the harmony of mind, body & soul. Shatkarma Kriyas for body and mind purification are preparatory steps towards higher practices of pranayama and meditation.

Auditorium includes the latest audio-visual equipments for Documentaries, Films, lectures & talks on Naturopathy, Yoga, Meditation, Diet, Lifestyles etc to widen the experiences.

Our books collection in Library reflects ancient manuscripts, Vedas, Upanishads, Spiritualism, Autobiographies, Arts & Cultures, Sports, Nature & Wildlife, Travel & Tourism, Interior, Sculptures, Photography, Health & Fitness, Positive Living, Fiction, Home & Gardening, Magazines etc for people to relax during their health regime.

In the indoor recreation area where inpatients can spends a quiet evening in premises with Billiards, Pool Table, Snooker, Air Hockey, Carrom, Table Tennis, Chess etc.