Yogashray Sewayatan a Centre of Naturopathy ,Yoga and Meditation treatments situated at Keshopura, Bhankota, Ajmer Road, Jaipur  in the State of Rajasthan which is about 7Km away from the city and about 15km from Jaipur Airport. The Centre is spread over the land among lush green areas having over hundreds of species of medicinal and herbal plants. Yogashray Sewayatan is a place where patients can experience inner peace and harmony and manage stress by remaining close to the nature and making optimum use of its elements to relieve many of today’s ailments and diseases. The Centre provides Naturopathy & Yoga treatments for various diseases under consultation & guidance of registered Naturopathy Practitioner Doctors.

Gurudev Shri. Y. K Sharma is a great visionary & his far sightedness saw the increasing stress level in the lives of general public. His passion for betterment of people’s health and bent towards ancient age old practices made him revisit the ancient power of East and scientific approach of west to create new techniques and protocols in the field of Yogic kriya, Meditation & Naturopathy treatments and wanted to bring a paradigm shift, distinguished from state of the art, among all races and section of India and worldwide. He motivate Yogashray Sewayatan to relieve ailments and diseases through Naturopathy & yoga, meditation treatments. Yogashray Sewayatan is indebted to him for his continuous guidance and inspiration to make aware about the art of healthy living by changing the lifestyle pattern which strengthen the body and promote vitality by using treatments that respect laws of nature which not only treat the diseases but also restore good health.

At the Centre a team of qualified doctors advice and practice the way to healthy life but its benefits will accrue only to those who adopt the way in his/her day to day routine on completion of treatment at our Centre.

Yogashray Sewayatan’s Yoga, Meditation and Naturopathy Centre for relieving various diseases and regaining health without using any medical drugs.

Yogashray Sewayatan promotes holistic healing power to re-establish health and well-being through treatments like Shatkarma Kriyas ,Yoga Chikitsa, Mudra Pranayama, LDM Technique (Longduration Deep Meditation)Amruta Abhishek Hydrotherapy , Hot & Cold Hamam Hydrotherapy, Spine and Shoulder Hydrotherapy, Jet Hydrotherapy, Shodhit Mud Therapy, Hot & Cold Pashan Foot Therapy, Svedana (Wet &Dry Heat Therapy),Manipulative Therapy, Diet Treatment,  Naturo-Homa Therapy and Physiotherapy etc.

Our teams of doctors will ascertain about the patient’s history of complaint or illness, medical diagnostic tests, diet lifestyle & family history. This range of information is important to discover the cause of illness and to treat the patient with therapeutic treatments.

Mission & Vision

The sole aim of Yogashray Sewayatan is to create balance between mind, body and soul  because a successful & peaceful life requires constant mental nourishment along with physical well-being.

Yogashray Sewayatan serves as a place of preservation of the ancient Yoga, Meditation & Naturopathy treatments  of Panchakosh Shuddhi . We provide different techniques through therapies at Annamaya Kosha(Physical Level), Pranamaya Kosha (Vital Energy Level), Manomaya Kosha(Mind Level), Vijnanamaya Kosha(Intellectual Level) and Anandamaya Kosha(Bliss Level). These treatments are useful therapeutically for various lifestyle related illness.

Yogashray Sewayatan is thus dedicated to the thought of public welfare by providing health & well-being to all. This is the greatest ideal in the world.