Gurudev Shri. Y. K Sharma is a great visionary & his far-sightedness saw the increasing stress level in the lives of the general public. His passion for the betterment of people’s health and bent toward ancient age-old practices made him revisit the ancient power of the East and the scientific approach of the West to create new techniques and protocols in the field of Yogic kriya, Meditation & Naturopathy treatments and wanted to bring a paradigm shift, distinguished from state of the art, among all races and section of India and worldwide. He motivates Yogashray Sewayatan to relieve ailments and diseases through Naturopathy & yoga and meditation treatments. Yogashray Sewayatan is indebted to him for his continuous guidance and inspiration to make aware about the art of healthy living by changing the lifestyle pattern which strengthen the body and promote vitality by using treatments that respect laws of nature which not only treat the diseases but also restore good health.

Law of nature is to learn to accept the law of life and face the fact that we disintegrate slowly.

Postive Attitude At life

Heal Yourself with Willpower and Faith

For Happy and Healthy Life Get Rid of Fear

Laughing Helpful to Boost Immunity!

LDM Meditation To Cope Up With Stress

The Best Stress Buster- Smile!