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Yogashray Sewayatan is dedicated to the thought of public welfare by providing health & well-being to all.


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Yogashray Sewayatan is a Naturopathy Hospital which serves as a best place of Preservation of Ancient Yoga, Meditation & Naturopathy practices. The center has established as drugless healthcare in India.

Our unique treatments & experience of delivering holistic health have been a center of attraction for people from all over India.
As a result we are proud to have people travel even internationally to visit our Jaipur naturopathy center.
Also hear from some of our happy clients directly: New Delhi | Mumbai | Gurgaon | Lucknow

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Yogashray Sewayatan has researched & developed techniques which helps in managing stress through Panchakosh Shuddhi which ultimately balances the Annamaya kosha, Pranayama kosha, Manomaya kosha, Vigyanmaya kosha, Anandamaya kosha useful therapeutically for many of the lifestyle related problems.
We specialize in treatments through

Panchakosh Shuddhi


Yoga & Pranayam Chikitsa

The Mind Body Bridge

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LDM Meditation Technique

Art of mastering the mind

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Nature is the reservoir of all excellences

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Ayurveda Panchkarma

Renewed Sensation of Healing

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Amruta Abhishek Hydrotherapy

Let you feel a transforming and nourishing experience

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Naturo-Homa Therapy

Age old treatment used in preventing disharmony, stress & Diseases

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