Treatments of following ailments is available at the Centre

1. Migraine
2. Depression
3. Insomnia
4. Anxiety Neurosis
5. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
6. Headache
7. Eye Strain
8. Sinusitis
9. Allergic Rhinitis
10. Chronic Pharyngitis/Laryngitis
11. Chronic Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
12. Neck Pain
13. Frozen Shoulders
14. Acute/Chronic Back Pain
15. Muscle Pain
16. Constipation
17. Flatulence
18. Hyper-Acidity
19. Colitis
20. Gastritis
21. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
22. Hypotension
23. High Cholesterol/Trigylcerides (Hyperlipidaemia)
24. Anemia (Hemoglobin level not less than 8gm/100ml)
25. Menstrual Disorders
26. Obesity
27. Calcaneal Spur Pain
28. Foot Pain
29. Joint Pain
30. Osteoarthritis (Knee Joints)
31. Sciatica
32. Diabetes Mellitus II
33. Spondylosis

Exclusion criteria for admission at the Centre

Person addicted to substance abuse, such as drugs, smoking, alcohol, tobacco, pan masala etc, persons with unstable heart condition, crippled/immobile persons and visually impaired persons, person who are unable to walk 1 km without support, persons below 18 years and above 80 years of age are not eligible for treatment at the Centre and similarly persons weighing over 130kg will not be admitted for treatment, Pregnant women, persons suffering from cancer, TB, Skin diseases & any other incurable and communicable diseases are also excluded.