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Yogashray Sewayatan is dedicated to the thought of public welfare by providing health & well-being to all.

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Our unique treatments & experience of delivering holistic health have been a center of attraction for people from all over India.
We are proud to have people travel even internationally to visit our Jaipur center.
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Yogashray Sewayatan has researched and developed techniques which helps in reducing stress.
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Yoga incorporates performing asanas, diet, management of stress that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

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Longduration Deep Meditation

We bring you our skillfully developed LDM Technique (Longduration Deep Meditation) to control

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Ayurveda Panchkarma

Ayurveda does not separate the external world from the inner world.

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Naturo-Homa Therapy

Panchmahabhutas, the five elements or pillars of nature water, air, earth, ether, and fire have certain qualities

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Meditation offerings at Yogashray Sewayatan include techniques that connect mind and body which purify senses.

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Amruta Abhishek Hydrotherapy

Amruta Abhishek Hydrotherapy is a double action method of nature cure system where water with herbal extracts is used for the therapy.

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Naturopathy brings one close to the elements of nature and strives to balance different elements of human body.

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